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ResPublica America is a multidisciplinary, nonpartisan research organization, which combines cutting edge analysis with practical impact to create bold solutions to enduring social and economic problems. We are an independent affiliate of ResPublica (UK), the London-based public policy organization founded in 2009 by Phillip Blond, author of Red Tory and a key architect of David Cameron's Big Society.

Our research combines a radical civic philosophy with the latest insights in social policy analysis, economic modeling, behavioral economics, management theory, social psychology and technological innovation.

Our solutions are aimed at renewing civil society, remoralizing the market and recapitalizing lower-income communities.

Our work seeks to strengthen the links between local individuals, organizations and communities that create social capital.

Our mission is to recover the language and practice of the common good.

For more information on our coming website and organizational launch, please contact:

Phillip Blond, Director

Drew Bowling, Director (Washington DC)
301 455 1811

Elias Crim, Director (Chicago area)
219 246 9019

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